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On 2 April 2008, I moved the six seedlings (2 per 3 cells in 72-cell mini greenhouse) to the south-facing Liv/Din window and on 14 April I set up the aerogarden so seedlings in the window would have more light for longer (17 hours) … the aerogarden turns on at 6am and off at 11pm …

Cucumbers like warmth and don’t like to be transplanted so I am wondering if I am going to have to sacrifice three plants (one per cell by cutting it down and letting the other grow undisturbed).

“Usually, we grow about a dozen hills of cucumbers which amounts to a 50-foot row; this is ample for our family of four but must not be construed as a recommendation for the average family, as I my weakness for pickles is not a good yardstick for normal families. Cucumbers make a lot of green growth upon which they will produce a lot of cucumbers. To be able to do this, they need a lot of manure and bone meal, and a constant supply of moisture. Chicken manure is about the best, with a handful of bone meal and wood ashes for potash and hardiness.

The most critical stage is in their beginning as they need a lot of heat, which we usually do not have in June. To help them get started it is best to germinate the seed in moist paper towel on top of the hot water tank. Once the little root appears from the seed, usually in a couple of days, these may be planted out, or into individual four-inch plastic pots which should be nice and warm as well. Cucumber seedlings hate to be transplanted so much that they just sulk or give up altogether when their roots are disturbed. That’s why I use smooth plastic pots, so the whole thing – soil, seedling, roots and all – can be slid out undisturbed and all in one piece."

This planting is in the 3 sills & an aero garden .

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