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These trees are magnificent, but it is certainly a long term ‘heirloom’ project!

I have planted 6 seeds to see if the seed is viable. I have used a gritty mix and coved them lightly with perlite. I have kept these cooler in the seed and cutting garden, but I may do a second sowing for the Rayburn garden, shortly

Germinated 23.03.10 So excited! 29.03,10 Still stuck in the seed coat, and growing a bit too long. Transfered to brghter light. I think I will put this in the Cold Frame shortly. This is really cute! 25.04.10 I will put it in the cold frame, but in the mean time I have sown the last of the seed I collected

I thought I had killed the little seedling as I accidentally watered it too much while it was in the coldframe. I have brought it inside and repotted it in dry compost; it seems a bit better

Sprouting new needles and looking good, really proud of this! 29.04.2010

Moved it to Gloomy Corner, in preparation for the Ceremonial Planting Outside later on 1.7 2012
30.09.2012 Planted out it looks very small in the field!. Made a large wire cage to keep out the rabbits and the Chucks
07.10.13 This has rather lost its way over the year. It has not a definate leader, so it looks rather odd. There is now a new shoot that is more vertical than the rest so hopefully it will perk up
24.06.14 It has been eaten by rabbits and the shape has changed markedly, what is left may be the better, as it has changed from being spreading to more upright as these were the uneaten branches
22.06.15 The rabbits may have done the tree a favour. It is a better shape and had punt on a good deal of new growth

This planting is in the Growing a Forest garden .

Collected from the wild.

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Plant Deodar Cedar Cedrus deodara 11


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