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I finally got my onions in the ground. I opted to purchase plants. I have always done this because it is what my grandparents always did. I can remember my grandmother always reminding me “….plants not sets….” My grandpa had a specific way to plant onions. He would start with a hoe and dig a deep row. In this row he would put diazinon(spelling?) followed by bone meal then peat moss. You can no longer purchase diazinon. It is apparently toxic! Who knew!?? He always told me it was to keep worms from pushing the onions out of the ground. He would then make a mound over this. It was a well packed mound, flat on top. Once he got his mound ready, he would poke a hole about two inches deep for the onion. Then just put in the onion and cover. Viola! Onions are planted. Mine have only peat moss in the mound. I had trouble finding bone meal and I don’t really care to use a pesticide. I ended up with two rows. Plenty for my family.

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Plant Onion Allium cepa var. cepa 4908
Variety Vidalia 18


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this is my first year growing onions, I got sets because they were cheap and avalible. Where did you get plants? I never remember seeing onion plants anywhere.

and you did spell it right

Posted on 04 May 09 (about 10 years ago)

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