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Planting Cosmos

1) Choose a sunny location in your yard where you would like to plant your cosmos.
2) Work up the soil where the cosmos seeds will be planted. Use a shovel to turn over the sod (if needed) and then use a garden claw tool or rake to work the soil into a smooth, broken up consistency.
3) Take your garden trowel or even your finger and create a ‘zig zag’ divot into the soil where you will plant the seeds. Keep the divots about half an inch apart so the plants grow close together.
4) Take your cosmos seed packet and open at the top. carefully empty the seeds into your hand.
5) Randomly place one or two seeds at a time, two inches apart into the divots.
6) Take some potting soil or fine dirt and lightly cover the sivots where the seeds have been planted. Cover with just enough Soil or Dirt so that Seeds disappear.
7) Take your watering can and water the seeded area well. Water thoroughly.
8) Continue to water well each day until the seeds have germinated.
9) After 14 days, begin to enjoy your bright colored flowering cosmos.

2009 – started some cosmos indoors in peat pots and tranplanted – see picture.


Quantity: 100

Plant Garden Cosmos Cosmos bipinnatus 1394


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