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top bit of my white, clematis montana Wilsonae

Strictly speaking this plant is growing in the grotty grotto garden because that is where it’s roots are. However, since I’ve marked out the shed roof as a separate garden, and this plant takes up a third of the space in it, I really I need to list it here, or the rooftop garden would have no plants in it at all.

Why list the gardens separately? Well, the grotty grotto is in shade, and damp, whereas the shed roof is in full sun for more of the day than any other part of the garden. I can’t really say that the plants that grow over it are planted in deep shade now can I? Furthermore, what care this clematis needs, takes place here. Mostly this is restricted to wrestling with its vigorous growth, hacking the fronds back and attempting to get them to grow in a different direction to the one they are growing in, but trying to do so without it looking too artificial.

This planting is in the Shed and rooftop garden .


Latest Milestone Blooming

Quantity: 1

Plant Anemone Clematis Clematis montana 27
Variety Wilsonae 2


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