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After breaking up some concrete for a small veggie patch, I went on a demolition kick… well sort of. Seen here, a crack on my patio that I actually opened up further with a hammer and chisel in order to plant some peppermint. This planting is right under our patio table, so it is somewhat protected, yet gets afternoon sun. The idea here is really about fragrance. When someone sits at the table, their feet naturally brush up against the aromatic leaves of this herb, releasing it’s minty aroma. Feels great with bare feet too… kinda tickles.

Have to admit, when a neighbor saw me hacking up the patio with a hammer and chisel, the comment was “Rob, a little too much time on your hands?”

I do like to smash up concrete, something kind of spiritual about returning the earth to nature.

This planting is in the Patio garden .


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Plant Peppermint Mentha x piperita 630


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  • 08 Aug 2007

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I love the idea of deliberately planting things in what are supposed to be pristine, unnatural planes of concrete or paving. Since weeds will inevitably find their way through anyway, why not start the process deliberately? I am constantly eyeing off spots where weeds grow through my horrible backyard paving and wondering what sort of wanted-plant I could replace them with.

Taking to your patio with a hammer chisel though- that’s awesome. Not sure my landlord would approve, but I sure do.

Posted on 23 Nov 07 (about 11 years ago)

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