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Planted it earlier, probably around December 20th, but I forgot to add it until it sprouted. It sprouted despite freezing temperatures, extra dry soil, and general neglect, so I think it’s going to continue to grow despite it’s caretakers.

This planting is in the Lettuce Box Back Patio garden .

Sown from my Mesclun Mix 1 Seeds.

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Quantity: 1

Variety Mesclun 560


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  • 20 Dec 2009

    Sown day 0


is this outdoors, and how are they fairing in these teen temps? Keith Eatonton GA

Posted on 08 Jan 10 (over 8 years ago)

It is outdoors, but it is in raised wooden bed about 4 foot up off of the ground, and covered on all sides with plastic. It heats up during the day when the sun hits it, and so far even during the coldest nights the soil didn’t freeze and no frost damaged the lettuce sprouts.

Posted on 15 Jan 10 (over 8 years ago)

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