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    24 Jun 2017
    I got a really great new gig this year, doing garden education and maintenance for a senior living facility. They have a large terrace garden with about 40 4×6′ common beds (mostly with trees and shade plants), and 25 beds for the resid...

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  • 25 Jun 2017
    Protip: Don’t drop the dumpster lid on your injured wrist. I figured I’d come up with a good sedentary, wrist-friendly activity today: retrieving the straw that was actually hay and de-seeding the vegetable beds, plus chopping up the s...

    The Farm garden

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    21 Jun 2017
    There’s going to be grass everywhere forever, because he hasn’t mowed and it’s all going to seed. It’s as tall as I am. I can hardly see the small blueberry bushes because their fenceline (rabbit protection) is so thick w...

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    21 Jun 2017
    Still searching for full-time employment unfortunately. The plus side is that my garden is looking really good since I have more time to tend to it. Lots of blooms on this official first day of summer!

    Lisa's Joliet garden

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    22 Jun 2017
    This plant is growing in the “Shade Garden” and I would like someone to help me identify it. The leaves are green and purple with purple stems and the flowers are bell shaped, small and white.

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    23 Jun 2017
    I did a bit more in the garden late in the afternoon, the temperature in the shady garden was really pleasant. Perched perilously on the porch balustrade I tied a string from the top of the Emilie Platter clematis frame to a nail on side of the p...

    Alpine Sea Holly , Lithodora 'Heavenly Blue' Blooming, Red Creeping Thyme Blooming, Alp...

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    24 Jun 2017
    A last raid on Bed Roc’s selection of plants at the Community Market! A little yellow Lewisia which I have been eyeing for a while. I made another rock garden container at the studio for the yellow and melon coloured Lewisias. They are all s...

    6. Boat garden , Dianthus Lavender + Eye Blooming, 7. Centre garden , Salvia 'Purple...

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  • 24 Jun 2017
    I have succeeded growing two varieties of lavender i.e. English lavender and fernleaf lavender. Today I had to transplant the two plants to another location in the garden. Here in Zone 9 Florida my lavender is doing very good in dappled shade. ...


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    27 Jun 2017
    It’s so lovely having my walkabout again. It’s a daily ritual that I missed when I was walking about in a nearly-empty yard. Of course, a lot of the walk about is now noting things like "it would be perfect if I could (install rab...

    Potatoes- Red, Purple, Russet, Yukon Gold Flowering, Prairie coneflower (divided) Buddi...

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