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    20 Mar 2017
    I have five 4×8 foot beds, and one 2×8 foot. I would like to add several more narrow beds; for asparagus and my fruit bushes. Those will have to wait until the fence is built and I figure out how to do this on my drastically reduced inco...

    The Farm garden

    Overcast 11°C / 52°F
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    24 Mar 2017
    Tropical Cyclone Debbie approaches. It is due to make landfall at this stage as a Category 4 (that’s big and destructive!) about 170km south of us, possibly Monday night or Tuesday morning unless it speeds up and arrives sooner. Tropical c...

    Partly Cloudy 30°C / 86°F
  • 20 Mar 2017
    Could not wait to get a jump on spring. Having pulled out one of my earthboxes I decided this was the year to try peas. Planted a row of Snap Peas Cascadia.Pisum sativum. These peas take about 58 days until harvest. They are three inches long and...

    Partly Sunny 8°C / 46°F
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    23 Mar 2017
    I meant to come back and post pictures to prove I actually do have a few things blooming, hellebore and lungwort and my store-bought pot of darling pansies. It’s been over a week but they are still blooming. I am pleased to see that I have ...

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    24 Mar 2017
    Had an 80ยบ (26c) day today, although it’s back to 40s/50s (4-10c and that sounds really weird to me) and rain tomorrow and the rest of the week. Roofer was here— turns out my roof was really incompetently put on. Large amounts of it b...

    Partly Cloudy 27°C / 80°F
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    26 Mar 2017
    I just finished placing plants in the mailbox planter. A pink lobelia with dark foliage, Kalanchoe Lavender Scallops, Rhipsalis Drunkard’s Dream, dwarf sunflowers, Kalanchoe Tomentosa, Sansevieria Trifasciata dwarf. I placed a lot of plant...

    Partly Cloudy 17°C / 63°F
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    23 Mar 2017
    …and then they were. The tulips are a little early this year, but not outrageously so. Oddly, the crocus are kinda late. Who knows. I’ve been watching for these so that I could pull up the squirrel netting before they would get damaged...

    Crocus- mixed Sprouting, Daffodil- mixed Sprouting, and Tulips- mixed Sprouting

    Rain 13°C / 55°F
  • Photo-upload-453810?1489969551
    20 Mar 2017
    Blue Surf SDB was first again this year as it was in 2014. Not the most impressive Iris but a sign if even better things to come.

    Clear 17°C / 63°F
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    20 Mar 2017
    It was necessary to radius the corners of the tray, so it would fit between the uprights on the stand. We also removed the coffee can lids under the shot glasses to minimize the water uptake. Today, we found an old can of green spray paint, which...

    14 x 24 x 31 three shelf rack garden and Greenhouse tray garden

    Mostly Cloudy 4°C / 39°F