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  • 18 Feb 2018
    2-15 Planted 55 more tomato seedlings…IF they survive the cold snap! Transplanted Mortgage Lifters, Brandywine reds & pinks. Potatoes up, reds & whites. Bok Choy re-rooted {planted the ends of purchased from grocery store to ea...

    Green Sausage tomatoes, Roma type and The Umbrella Garden garden

    Windy -18°C / 0°F
  • 19 Feb 2018
    Has anyone every planted geraniums from seed? The red kind found at the stores, not the hardy Cranesbill type. If so, how long do they take to germinate? I have had mine between coffee filters, in a ziplock bag, on a heating mat, for about a week ...

  • Photo-upload-461942?1517838449
    16 Feb 2018
    I have today removed all Brassica plants from the Red Oak Vegetable bed to prepare the soil for potato planting in around two weeks. Unfortunately the Brassicas failed badly so there was nothing lost by removing the plants. This winter was the fir...

    Red Oak Vegetable Bed garden

    Partly Cloudy 5°C / 41°F
  • 18 Feb 2018
    I had gotten so sick of looking at my house. Everything was such a mess and needed pruning, sweeping, cleaning – I was embarrassed for anyone to see it. I’ve been really down in the dumps about the garden because I’ve gotten so o...

    Front Foundation Border East garden , Patio garden , and Front Foundation Border Cent...

    Mostly Cloudy 27°C / 81°F
  • Photo-upload-462341?1519425457
    22 Feb 2018

    Rue Sprouting, Iphieon (Starflower) Sprouting, Crocus- mixed Sprouting, and Daffodil- m...

    Overcast 4°C / 39°F
  • Photo-upload-462286?1519225570
    20 Feb 2018
    Last year I started to chronicle, for the first time, in a specific garden, “Kitchen Garden 2017”, the plants that I grow in our kitchen I thought I would do the same again for this year & to that end today I’ve created ̶...

    Spider Plant Blooming, Tradescantia fluminensis (Green Wandering Jew/Spiderwort) Repott...

    Cloudy 6°C / 43°F
  • Photo-upload-462320?1519328059
    21 Feb 2018
    Five Marguerite cuttings were taken today & put in a small, square black pot in the kitchen. I know it isn’t the time for taking cutting but as we are expecting some extremely cold nights over the next few weeks I thought I would take so...

    Partly Sunny 5°C / 41°F
  • 17 Feb 2018
    Some of my plants have taken a hit from the steady cold weather in the 30’s F. The three bougainvilleas were hit hard, however these plants are already coming back. I still have not trimmed their dead branches. The cape honeysuckle lost a...

    Partly Cloudy 19°C / 66°F
  • 18 Feb 2018
    Last night I saw a rat when I looked through the window in my bedroom. He was coming out from under a concrete slab left over from the previous house. On the slab we house three dogs. On the right side of the kennel I placed my “Farm Dadd...


    Partly Cloudy 21°C / 70°F