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  • 06 Dec 2017
    A couple of days with brief spells of sun. In the last week, for the first time this winter, we have had consistant overnight temperatures below freezing, only a few degrees below however. The daytime temperatures have been a few degrees cooler to...

    Partly Sunny 1°C / 34°F
  • Photo-upload-461275?1512753875
    08 Dec 2017
    They’re predicting another sticking snowfall for overnight. It’s late in the month to have not had even flurries yet. In fact, last week I was still getting new growth on my roses and the calendula bloomed; then we went from 60 to 20 ...

    Calendula Blooming, Rose, Lemonade , Compost Mulching, and Parsley- Italian Flat Leaf M...

    Clear -1°C / 30°F
  • Photo-upload-461294?1512968704
    10 Dec 2017
    I thought I would check back to see if this December was unusually warm. My records on Folia go back to 2008 – does that mean that next year is a 10th anniversary for the website? I don’t always have an entry for December 10th. What im...

    Calamondin Orange Harvesting

    Cloudy -1°C / 30°F
  • 11 Dec 2017
    Hello there I just started gorwing jasmine about 3 months back hoping to capitalize on the scent as my neighbor is pretty smelly. Sunflower is growing pretty well from seedlings but out of 10, only 5 remained. 3 of them died due to transplant effo...

    Sunny 39°C / 102°F
  • Photo-upload-461313?1513146818
    13 Dec 2017
    in full autumn colour

    Growing a Forest garden and Swamp Cypress Showing True Leaves

    Frosty 5°C / 41°F
  • 10 Dec 2017
    Leaving for NYC today-plan to return on feb15th 2018

    Clear -1°C / 30°F
  • Photo-upload-461307?1513136929
    12 Dec 2017
    Yesterday and today.

    Amaryllis Sydney Blooming

    Cloudy 0°C / 32°F
  • 14 Dec 2017
    Feriesæsonen betyder også “sæsonen til at være Jolly” til mange. Det er den tid af året, hvor folk får travlt med at dekorere deres hjem og endda forberede nogle gaver til deres venner og kære. Det er faktisk en sæson, der bringer glæd...

  • Photo-upload-461320?1513230189
    13 Dec 2017
    A light dusting of snow overnight but it had gone by this evening, some sun and the mountains appeared for the first time in days. We are promised days with snow and periods of snow by the weekend in the meantime I have been perusuing on line offe...

    Amaryllis Sydney Blooming

    Scattered Clouds 1°C / 34°F