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  • Photo-upload-460972?1509812733
    04 Nov 2017
    Jacques Cartier looking and smelling grand

    Everything's Coming Up Roses garden and Jacques Cartier Flowering

    Cloudy 15°C / 59°F
  • Photo-upload-460977?1509813217
    04 Nov 2017
    Rodgersia showing last of the autumn colour

    Rodger Showing True Leaves and Gloomy Corner garden

    Cloudy 15°C / 59°F
  • Photo-upload-460849?1509264120
    29 Oct 2017
    for the roses, but the central ‘lavender’ bed still needs to be dug

    Sunny 14°C / 57°F
  • Photo-upload-460799?1508959224
    26 Oct 2017
    Planting bulbs is the best and worst kind of gardening: a lot of digging in the dirt (good) hoping that the squirrels don’t dig them out (bad), and then you have to wait nearly a year to see the results (bad), which are always worth the wait...

    Tulip: Flame mix , Tulip: Queen of the Night , and Garlic: Nootka Rose

    Mostly Cloudy 4°C / 39°F
  • Photo-upload-452686?1485290764
    31 Oct 2017
    I was sent a couple of ‘Pineapple Lily’ (Eucomis bicolor) tubers & some seeds back in January 2017. Only one of the tubers grew & that one has now gone into hibernation. I will “wake” it up in the spring of 2018. Un...

    Pineapple Lily Dying

    Partly Sunny 12°C / 54°F
  • 29 Oct 2017
    Flurries today while moving the potted blueberries into a more secluded spot for the winter (where they will now live, because there’s also more sun). Also moved the potted Linden to the gangway, again because it’s more secluded. Trans...

    Viburnum- Korean Spice Planting Out

    Overcast 3°C / 37°F
  • 02 Nov 2017
    After checking ride-on mower oil levels, filling with fuel and charging the battery on Wednesday, today I got to the main task – mowing the yard before the grass grows any taller with the warm weather and occasional showers. The yard has al...

    [20] Roadside North garden , [19] Roadside Centre garden , [18] Roadside East garden ...

    Partly Cloudy 29°C / 84°F
  • Photo-upload-460935?1509737733
    06 Nov 2017
    ALL of my pots of Amaryllis bulbs have now been moved to my son’s house where he has a big shed where he can keep them for me during the winter. I no longer have a single Amaryllis bulb in the house for the first time after 16 years of growi...

    Amaryllis in Beryl's garden 2017 Dying, Amaryllis Dying, Amaryllis in bedrooms 2017 Dyi...

    Overcast 12°C / 54°F
  • Photo-upload-460946?1509740322
    03 Nov 0201
    Yesterday, November 2nd, my wife & I bought four packs of Pansies from a discount supermarket in town. I had wanted 4 packs of Pansies at least to finish off the planting up of the 3 long, white troughs on the floor, up against the balcony rai...

    Crocuses for 2017 Planting Out and Pansies 2017 Planting Out

    Overcast 12°C / 54°F