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    13 Sep 2017
    and was reunited with my wall paper scraper and hand brush, that I use to clean out the chickens, and my long lost kitchen scissors! I’m still missing a small vegetable knife and zester!

    Everything's Coming Up Roses garden

    Sunny 20°C / 68°F
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    24 Aug 2017
    I heard rustling in the dry leaves on the path at the back of the house. Expecting to see little wild birdies courting out there I was surprised not to see any about. Instead a brown head popped out from among the leaves, followed by a long, sle...

    [14] Back Fenceline and Utilities Area garden

    Clear 25°C / 77°F
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    01 Sep 2017
    The weather goddess needs to get her shit together. While Houston got 52 inches of rain in 3 days, we went 20 days without a drop, and are only at 3 1/2 inches for the month, half of which has fallen in the last 36 hours. My rain barrels had gotte...

    The Farm garden

    Partly Cloudy 19°C / 66°F
  • Photo-upload-459804?1503860732
    26 Aug 2017
    Today I got a Skimmia japonica ‘Rubinetta’ from my friend, Dick, at church. He has previously given me a number of half standard Fuchsias. He also gave me a dwarf Hebe which, unfortunately, died on me. I still don’t know why it d...

    Skimmia japonica from Dick Budding and Balcony 2001 - 2017 garden

    Sunny 24°C / 75°F
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    28 Aug 2017
    A handfull of purple beans, some Fairy Eggplants, some Black cherry tomatoes, a bowl of delicious Blackberries with a couple of Alpine strawberries, and a small melon. They are supposed to be quite small and I decided that as this one had netting ...

    Streptocarpus Repotted, Hoya Blooming, Blackberry Fruiting, and Seasonal Container gard...

    Clear 32°C / 90°F
  • Photo-upload-459912?1504306052
    01 Sep 2017
    For the first time in more than 20 years that I’ve had open compost, I’ve been having rat problems. The City of Evanston does not do rat abatement in the alleys, so it’s up to individual home owners. They just did water main work...


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    15 Sep 2017
    Dad visited to help with a project and while we were having lunch, there was a noise, and he said, “What was that?” It was a tree falling, no winds, no warning, but with this kind of alder it isn’t too surprising. I got a picture...

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    15 Sep 2017
    I’ve been given a helping hand with my tomato harvest from the balcony by my 2 grandchildren who spend most Saturdays with us. There was only one left to pick on the balcony when they came on September 9th, & Kirsty, our 10-year-old gran...

    Tomato 'Moneymaker' on balcony 2017 Harvesting

    Partly Sunny 15°C / 59°F
  • Photo-upload-460220?1505685132
    17 Sep 2017
    Spent the day doing the Plant Clinic thing at Chicago’s spectacular Garfield Park Conservatory. It was their Harvest Day celebration, so we had a good crowd, and actual plant questions (although most of the kids wanted to know about the rock...

    Mostly Cloudy 29°C / 84°F