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    18 May 2019
    It’s Chicago. It won’t be reliably warm til mid June. I know this and yet somehow I’m taken by surprise every damn year. I turned the furnace off 3 days ago then turned it back on this morning when I woke up and it was under 60ยบ ...

    Seed Starting 2019 garden

  • 29 Apr 2019
    Baker Creek Seeds has been a treasure chest of seeds from all over the world. Rare and wonderful fruits and vegetables. I’ve bought from them many times. That stops today. Apparently for some time they’ve had an association with Cliven...

  • 06 May 2019
    I really should have done this a week or two ago, but finally the tomatoes and peppers are getting potted up! I’ve been in and out of town, so that slowed things down quite a bit. Despite my “I’m growing fewer tomatoes this year ...

    Tomato 'Graf Zeppelin' Hardening Off, Tomato 'Graf Zeppelin' Potting Up, Tomato 'Lattan...

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    28 Apr 2019
    I know that you can pot up seedlings when they have two true leaves, but was lazy and kept procrastinating. Finally realized they have stopped growing probably because the roots had no where to go, and wow they are so much happier in bigger pots!

    Ground cherry 'Aunt Molly's' Potting Up, Aguaymanto Potting Up, Eggplant 'Japanese Whit...

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    12 May 2019
    I was out of town for a week and came back to mostly healthy seedlings. I’m moving them under grow light to window sill so they get sunlight for full spectrum. One thing that worries me was that my ground cherry decided to flower and fruit, ...

    Pepper 'Murasaki' Moved, Pepper 'Feher Ozon Paprika' Moved, Pepper 'Sweet Orange' Moved...

    Sunny 21°C / 70°F
  • 18 Apr 2019
    last weekend i planted onions and lettuce ans spinach also did plant a few dahilas and put some inside house and some in greenhouse to did lot of yard work new mulch must have spread about 50 or so bags of brown mulch. with went in pond on thurs...

    18°C / 65°F
  • 23 Apr 2019

    Verbascum 'southern charm' Planting Out and Front: lilac garden

  • 23 Apr 2019
    In november 2018 is de eerste en oudste stam in bloei gekomen. Al vanaf hhet begin van het jaar was duidelijk aan het afwijkende bald te zien dat een bloemstengel eraan zat te komen. De plant heeft overwinterd op het balkon. Kurkdroog, maar wel ko...

    Musella lasiocarpa Flowering and Erftuin garden

  • 23 Apr 2019
    They have new leaves & some have buds. One ‘Lady Stanley’ has 1 flower & the other plant has 4 buds about to open.

    Sunny 27°C / 80°F