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  • 10 Mar 2019
    My previous Achacha perished during a previous dry season. Although the plant needs a short dry period during July to encourage flowering, I apparently allowed too long a period, forgot to water or my then ad-hoc irrigation system failed. Whateve...

    [24] Verandah garden , Achacha , Achacha , and [24] Verandah garden

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  • 14 Mar 2019
    1. 3 × 20 Grape hyacinths mixed 2. 1 × 10 Spanish bells 3. 1 × 5 Dutch iris Sapphire Beauty 4. 1 × 5 Dutch iris Red Ember (unnamed) 5. 1 × 25 Anemone Blue and white blend 6. 1 × 1 Anemone nemorosa robinsoniana 7. 1 ...

  • 09 Mar 2019
    We didn’t get the dump that the NE got, but it’s still awfully damn wintry for March imo Here’s #33 (as in: it has snowed 33 times so far this winter) 33. As I do each morning I opened the blinds and looked out the window Just to...

  • 22 Feb 2019
    I have been working lots in the garden and planting lots of things. I have the habit of buying mangos and then I throw the pits out of the back door. I also throw out there the peels of bananas, tomato seeds, citrus seeds, garlic and onion peels...

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    16 Mar 2019
    After a winter filled with a poem for every snowfall (33 at last count, but I don’t think we’re done), it was a joy today to do clear spring-related tasks. I had to find tasks that favor my messed up knee, which can handle slow walkin...

    Crocus- mixed Sprouting, Rue Breaking Dormancy, Daffodils, Farm Sprouting, and Daffodil...

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  • Photo-upload-469016?1551422309
    01 Mar 2019
    While in town this morning, with time to spare between two appointments, I decided to call by the Mitre 10 hardware store and look through their plant section. I make a habit of this if I have time to spare while I’m in town. Usually I wil...

    Cinnamon Hardening Off and [24] Verandah garden

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  • 22 Feb 2019
    I now have several plants of this tomato variety. They reseed easily and are very prolific. I transplant them where I want them to grow with no problems.

    Everglades Tomato Flowering and Back of the House garden

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  • 23 Feb 2019
    Not doing anything special today except for observations on what is happening. This past week, I planted some Crepe Myrtle and Flowering Dogwood saplings.

  • 23 Feb 2019
    Even though there was still freezing temps last night (right at 33) it is supposed to be now getting better. I’m starting garden triage this weekend. Weedwack fenceline in orchard, then mow. Mowed gypsy’s back yard. mowing the ...

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