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  • Photo-upload-452361?1483725252
    06 Jan 2017
    Written by Roy Strong in Creating Small Gardens! Maybe in the UK with a dusting of snow or a heavy frost gracing shrubs, grasses and perennials, but not in my perch in the mountains where overnight “light snow”, i.e. a downpour of powd...

    Snow -9°C / 16°F
  • 07 Jan 2017
    One of the things that I have found most difficult about living alone, after almost 38 years of marriage, is how lonely it gets, and how boring it is to be lonely. It’s especially trying in mid-winter, when the days are short, because you re...

    Blue Mist "Janietta" Under Attack and Lavender- English Under Attack

    Clear -8°C / 18°F
  • Photo-upload-452241?1482710454
    26 Dec 2016

    Overcast 2°C / 36°F
  • Photo-upload-452255?1482864442
    26 Dec 2016
    African Violets from leaf cuttings The above entry I wrote in the African Violets group but I thought I would post a link here as well s...

    African Violets (Hybrids) and African Violet (miniatures)

    Sunny 6°C / 43°F
  • Photo-upload-452186?1482158109
    19 Dec 2016
    My cohort here has seen some of the things I’ve done over the years that aren’t Christmas trees, but this year I reverted, because my new breezeway was fairly screaming for a tree. (In fact, it would be beyond cool to put a whole fores...

    The Breezeway garden

    Partly Cloudy -19°C / -2°F
  • Photo-upload-452191?1482166940
    19 Dec 2016
    “Snowfall warning in effect for: West Columbia Snowfall, with total amounts of 15 to 20 cm is expected. A Pacific frontal system over the coast of British Columbia is spreading snow to Columbia regions this morning. In addition to the snowfa...

    Garden garden , Winter garden , and Amaryllis Red Lion Budding

    Snow -4°C / 25°F
  • Photo-upload-452232?1482549036
    23 Dec 2016
    I startled a Varied Thrush when I pulled up the blind in the sitting room. I think it may have been feeding on Pyracantha berries which are now turning orange and dropping off, it flew to the edge of the garden and started tugging at the hips on t...

    Amaryllis Red Lion Blooming

    Snow -1°C / 30°F
  • Photo-upload-452264?1482880344
    27 Dec 2016
    It’s not the cold Which truth be A farmer like me just sees as a respite from chores It’s not the snow That deep meditation that says That there’s a cold quiet stillness That can hold my soul’s pain. It is the darkness that pulls you into day&#...

    Partly Cloudy -2°C / 28°F
  • 02 Jan 2017
    The outdoor part of my thermometer seems to give up as the temperature drops so the official forecast says, at 8:00am, -15C with a windchill of -21C. A high today of -6C and cold nights and sunny days to come. There is good snow cover this time ar...

    Clear -16°C / 3°F