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  • 09 Jul 2017
    The fence guys came on Monday to start installing! All the posts are in—I’ll do an entry about the whole process when it’s done. The post holes were dug by hand, with a post digger, a clever scissorlike two-headed shovel. But the...

    Pear- Seckle Standard Planting Out, Cherry- Pie, Dwarf Supreme Planting Out, Cherry- Sw...

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    27 Jun 2017
    It’s so lovely having my walkabout again. It’s a daily ritual that I missed when I was walking about in a nearly-empty yard. Of course, a lot of the walk about is now noting things like "it would be perfect if I could (install rab...

    Potatoes- Red, Purple, Russet, Yukon Gold Flowering, Prairie coneflower (divided) Buddi...

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  • Photo-upload-458406?1500084391
    16 Jul 2017
    At long last, I have a fence around the Farm. I first got this quoted in early March, got the final quote at the end of April, and the permit on May 18. Yesterday, finally, it got installed. (Main picture) The fence completely encloses my sideyard...

    The Farm garden

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    24 Jun 2017
    I got a really great new gig this year, doing garden education and maintenance for a senior living facility. They have a large terrace garden with about 40 4×6′ common beds (mostly with trees and shade plants), and 25 beds for the resid...

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    03 Jul 2017
    …which was last night after a day spent on Greyhound buses – started at 9:45 am, got home at 10:40pm, this is a big country especially when the buses go two sides of a triangle! First thing this morning out into the garden. DS had watered th...

    Rose Bonica Blooming, Rose Flower Carpet Yellow Blooming, Rose 'A Shropshire Lad' Bloom...

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  • 05 Jul 2017
    I have 2 Tribouchina trees about 10 ft tall, this season I have one of them where it looks like it is dying the tips are turning yellow on the leaves and it seems like every new leaf does the same thing. My pest guy can not figure it out and he ha...

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    15 Jul 2017
    The farm is looking absolutely gorgeous. I’m about as happy as I can be with it. My friend Ben came by this morning to help me with the heavy stuff. We paved the trash area with 14" concrete pavers. I need to get some short rebar to sta...

    The Farm garden

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  • 25 Jun 2017
    Protip: Don’t drop the dumpster lid on your injured wrist. I figured I’d come up with a good sedentary, wrist-friendly activity today: retrieving the straw that was actually hay and de-seeding the vegetable beds, plus chopping up the s...

    The Farm garden

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  • Photo-upload-457828?1498619921
    27 Jun 2017
    Watered indoor plants, the succulent garden on the porch, and all the plants in planters that needed watering – and got a few more mozzie bites. Another hot day with this weather continuing for the next five days.

    Lewisia Blooming, Rose Henry Kelsey Blooming, 4. House garden , Rose Campion Blooming,...

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