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    26 Jun 2017
    A handful of mixed cream and red Alpine strawberries eaten, the cream ones were the sweetest possibly because they get a bit more sun. I saw the bats whizzing back and fore over the garden last night, glad to see them back although we are warned t...

    Yarrow 'Moonlight' Blooming, 7. Centre garden , Martagon Lily hybrid Claude Schride Bl...

    Mostly Cloudy 31°C / 88°F
  • 25 Jun 2017
    6-26-17 I thought I journaled 1st one on left of window but near rocks bloomed about 6-20. I’ll mark them & after blooming I’ll plant them together as one clump.

    Partly Sunny 29°C / 85°F
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    26 Jun 2017

    Sedum Kamtschaticum 'Variagatum' Blooming, Ameria Dusseldorf Pride Blooming, Hosta 'Gol...

    Partly Cloudy 31°C / 88°F