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    22 May 2017
    Over the wet season my spice garden got rather overgrown with weeds and long grass. With all the snake activity in the hot humid summer it was not really safe to venture in there on foot and it was not an area I could easily fit the ride on mower...

    [16] Southern Fenceline Spice garden , Curry Leaf Tree 2 Growing, Allspice Growing, Ja...

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    23 May 2017
    Almost all the tomato seedlings have their 2nd leaves now! Just have to work on finding a home for the next 6 months so I can situate them permanently. I added ID stakes to everything today, as the writing on the peat pots was wearing off and the ...

    Flower Seed Starts and Tomato Seedlings

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    23 May 2017
    Both plants are now blooming! Hopeful for a first fruit set.

    Tomato - German Johnson and Fitzwater's back deck garden

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    23 May 2017
    One of the clems that was growing earlier has vanished. A couple of the heucheras have decided that where they were planted is unsatisfactory so they’ve moved or seeded or spawned into new territory, such as outside the bed and in the place ...

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    23 May 2017
    “4:02 PM PDT Tuesday 23 May 2017 Special weather statement in effect for: West Columbia A vigorous cold front will bring strong gusty winds up to 90 km/h this evening for the central interior, BC Peace region and Columbia district. Local tre...

    Shade garden , Sweet Woodruff , Shade garden , Hart's Tongue Fern , Epimedium 'Sasa...

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    23 May 2017
    The tulips are beginning to go over, only the Viridiflora and the Honky Tonks are looking fresh. This seems to have been a year for tulips around town, the City has lots in their beds on McKenzie and at the Community Centre and walking through tow...

    Azalea 'Lemon Lights' Blooming, Muscari neglectum Blooming, Lewisia Blooming, Prairie C...

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