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  • 21 Jun 2017
    Removed and destroyed dozens of daylily plants last weekend due to daylily leafminer, Ophiomyia kwansonis, a tiny, black fly/wasp. Larvae feed on the leaves; eggs can remain in the base of plant and overwinter in soil. No pesticides have been test...

  • 21 Jun 2017
    6-22-17 ‘Ice Carnival’ is almost white with a green center. Unknown is pale grayish purple with a yellow center & a halo of rays that are a little darker. It was a young plant so bloomed a 4" flower on 12" stem/

    Rainy 27°C / 80°F
  • 21 Jun 2017
    She sent 5 hard wood with green branches so I separated a couple to make more. Ended with about 7 I dipped in rooting hormone & planted in wet soil together in a pot on my patio next to the ‘Lady Stanley’ ones she sent on the 14th.

    Rainy 27°C / 80°F
  • Photo-upload-457617?1498175569
    21 Jun 2017
    But not very summery weather, a lot of gusty winds, some thunder storms and heavy rain showers, grey and cool. Irises, Poppies, and Verbascum bashed down by the rain and two stems of the Sweet Autumn clematis broken off at the base, I think by the...

    Phalaenopsis Twin Little Yellow Blooming, Clematis Betty Corning Blooming, Rose Oscar P...

    Rainy 20°C / 68°F
  • 22 Jun 2017
    June 14-21 5.5"

  • Photo-upload-457628?1498238175
    23 Jun 2017
    While the garden was mostly in shade and before it gets too hot and the UV goes off the scale, I took photos – always the first thing, a wander around the garden, camera in hand. It is a chance to admire what is blooming or about to, to look...

    Rose Oscar Peterson Blooming, Peony Primavere Blooming, Astrantia carniolica ? , Knauti...

    Sunny 19°C / 66°F
  • 23 Jun 2017
    Finally got around to sweetening up the soil around the tomatoes with the cages.

    Partly Cloudy 12°C / 54°F
  • 23 Jun 2017
    From UGA: After establishment, rabbiteye blueberries require little pruning until they reach about 4 to 6 feet in height. At this point, a cane renewal pruning program should be started. Remove one to three of the largest canes each winter at 0 t...

    Overcast 22°C / 72°F