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24 Mar 2011
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I imagine this journal will be much like my efforts at gardening. Occasional bursts of enthusiasm followed by long periods of inaction. Inaction on my part, of course there is always plenty going on in the garden during these times – weeds growing, fruit and vegetables falling to the ground unpicked and unloved and of course rabbits eating everything they possibly can.

We’ve had some great rain this week; according to the Advertiser yesterday this is the second (or is it third?) wettest March on record. So with that in mind I tried to flatten out our front lawn, rutted by a United Water truck in the middle of winter last year. I dug some soil out from the back yard, put it into some of the ruts and rolled it down with a lawn roller I hired from Kennards. I had minimal success. I’ll have to rethink.

But I did plant the garlic bulbs that Lui gave me. But they only filled half the bed, so I’ll have to get some more. Heynes didn’t have any when I went there yesterday, so is this really the time of year for planting garlic? It certainly seems to be the time of year for planting onions, if the number of seedlings they have on sale is anything to go by.

I want to plant some leeks and some peas, but I need to wait for the tomatoes to finish so I can use the frame for the peas – I thought they were done, but there must be at least 6 more tomatoes on the way. I must remember to grab the best one so I can save the seed. And I need to watch the pumpkins – I thought I’d cut off the new growth in the hope that the plants will put their energy into growing pumpkins – and to stop them taking over the whole world.



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