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23 Mar 2011
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In 4th grade I did a project on bird diversity at our feeder depending on time of day (i.e. which species frequented the feeder at which times of day). I reveled in the juncos and goldfinches, the chickadees, cardinals, and nuthatches. Now, in the city, my feeder species are limited to sparrows, house finches, and morning doves. They are all lovely and so much fun to watch.

I pulled down the feeder last week with the sprouting of the local forsythia and maples. This, I thought, would allow me to shift all my potted porch plants to their appropriate positions without being sprayed daily with seed from the overhanging feeder. So it was done, but the sparrows kept looking in the window hopefully every day, and the morning doves kept digging up all around the maple looking for leftovers. Plus, the cats, of course, were despondent over the loss of “bird TV.” So today I broke down and set out a a bowl and filled it with seed. Took the birds a scant 45 minutes to find the feed and enjoy. Looks like I may be supplementing them for some time yet. In the country the cut-off point was easy – when the bears came out. In the city, I’m less sure when, or if, that should happen.




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