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23 Mar 2011
Sunny 12°C / 54°F

Things are moving on at the allotment, albeit slowly. I have two beds dug, one of them planted now with dwarf peas and broad beans. I have started the bean trench bed and today got a little further on but had to wrestle with a very stubborn bramble root so still have another 4 ft of the 10ft bed to turn over.
The carrots are coming up in the new raised bed and I sowed some Romance in there too. and a new cloche has been put up on one of the other raised beds to house the lettuce and cabbage seedlings. The cloche has been created from the top arch pieces from two small ‘blowaway’ plant houses with plastic over. It was getting dark when I finished so I will post more photos later in the week.
It was a glorious day here today and a pleasure to be in the garden.




Sounds like you are doing well! I would have LOVED to have been out in the garden today!

Couple of quick questions if you don’t mind? How long did your carrots take to sprout outside? I sewed some seeds nearly 2 weeks ago and am a little worried I’ve not seen anything come up. I’ve never planted outside before.

Also I see from your picture you have the peas growing in rows next to each other. Will they support each other or will you put some canes in later?

Posted on 24 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

Hi Kerry, the carrots took 16 days or thereabouts, quite slow in the cooler weather.
The peas are very dwarf, only growing to 1ft (30cm) high and grown in four staggered rows they shouldn’t need any other support. I will be growing Telephone peas soon and they grow to 6ft (2m) tall and will have twiggy sticks to support them.
The broad beans, in the same bed as the dwarf peas, are in 3 staggered rows too but they will have canes at each corner and string around to support them as they grow.
Hope this helps.

Posted on 24 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

Ah thanks for the speedy reply. My carrots have been in about 12 days now. So I’m hoping to start seeing something this weekend! Hopefully this lovely weather will persist!

The peas I planted are also dwarf. I’ve done two rows in hopes that the dwarf plants will support each other. I tried a tall bean last year and it got way too spindly, so I think I will stick to dwarf varieties in my vegetable garden!

Posted on 24 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

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