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21 Mar 2011
Overcast 23°C / 73°F

We had a tremendous amount of rain yesterday, I had visions of all the new seedlings being washed away. This morning though everything looks very happy.
Alot of frangipani flowers have dropped from over the fence, covering some of the sprouts but no harm done. A nice time to do some low energy weeding, a gentle pull on the top of a oxalis or onion weed, and often it will come out, bulb and all!

The borage is back in force in the dig up the lawn garden, I will need to thin those out so they don’t completely take over! I do love the blue flowers and the tiny native bees they attract, but don’t love their prickles and bullying ways.
I will also have to thin out the black radish seedlings, and try replanting the thinnings in other sunnier spots to see how they do. Where they are now I have them with beetroot, spring onion and carrots, really just as space savers while the carrots establish.

In the pots, the cherry is shedding its leaves – disconcerting as I haven’t grown deciduous plants before! There are garlic shoots coming up around it’s base, amongst the chocolate mint – how that will taste I can’t imagine.
The Granny Smith apple has finally found it’s mojo and swelling and budding and sending out branchlets and leaves all over. Its friend the Jonathon did all that months ago, but now looks smaller and more fragile all of a sudden.




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