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Getting figgy with it

15 Mar 2011
Overcast 22°C / 72°F

Super excited today I went out to look at the fig and there were definite fruit-like buds all over the place! Up until now there have only been two fig fruits, one grew and dropped off shortly after I planted the maiden fig last year, the second grew a few weeks back and we have been waiting for it to go from green to brown. The book I have said that harvest would be in February, but maybe that translates to March/April in this climate?

When I bought this fig I had been worried that it would not like growing in a pot, a seller at the local market said, no he had tried and they went into decline after a couple of years potted up. When I looked into it though, the method appears to be to repot and clip back the roots like you would a bonzai, every couple of years.
I’ll give that a go, but in the meanwhile our Brown Turkey seems very happy as a pot dweller, and looks pretty too.




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