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Winter 2011 - The beginning

25 Mar 2011
Partly Sunny 21°C / 70°F

26/03/2011 Week 3
A short time spent in the garden today. It had rained a lot this week and the seedling trays had filled up with water. After tipping out the water, I noticed most seedling trays had sprouted. So happy. Its funny how they look so orderly. They are approximately 2 cm tall but a little thin for my liking.
I planted some lettuce seeds directly into a raised garden bed. I also put a plastic tunnel over to see whether this will aid in their growth.

22/03/2011 Week 2
Saturday was glorious. I was amazed as to how certain seeds have grown after one week. The Bok Choy, Choy Sum and Chinese Broccoli have sprouted. All the other vegetables were dormant.
I went to Bunnings and bought some seedlings to kick start my winter veggie garden – cauliflower, broccoli, savoy cabbage, rainbow chard. I planted them on Saturday morning and by Sunday rain had arrived so well watered.

14/03/2011 Week 1
What a relaxing day. In Adelaide we had a long weekend.
The garden is looking beautiful.
I arose to grand dreams for planting my winter crop.
I have been lazy of late and my summer crop was just average. We are still getting egg plants, capsicum and tomatoes. Our summer garden was ruined by a gum tree falling and I didnt have the energy to replant.
Our Herb garden is always amazing. I just need Nick to pick more herbs for his cooking.
Our chilli bushes have lots of chillis but due to milder weather they have taken longer to fruit.
Our Apricots were delicious and my very first year for a bumper crop. Also our apples and nashis (which were not eaten by the birds) were also amazing.
We lost two of our three chickens to foxes and I have learnt a valuable lesson. Always lock them away. Free range or not, they are better protected.






Folia Helper


Yes, long weekends are good. :-)
Ah, chillis! Yes, they have been a bit slow to reach harvest grade over here as well. While there has been plenty of rain, there hasn’t been all that much sunshine.

Shame about the girls, I imagine that single chook would be pretty lonely at the moment.

Posted on 14 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

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