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10 Mar 2011
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I know I shouldn’t expect much this soon, but I don’t think I should have this….

The others look ok, but I moved them to the basement, which is 55F. They are in a window there. I did drop the Penstemon though, hope it’s ok…

How are you suppost to do this outside? I didn’t put them outside because I didn’t want them to blow away….






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A couple of questions:
What size bottles are you using?
Did you have them outside at all?

If the containers are large enough, the weight of the soil inside keeps them from blowing away. Or you can put them in plastic bins or trays deep enough to keep them from blowing if they are small. I have to say I have never had one blow away.

The idea of wintersowing is to have the seeds outside for the winter just as they would be in nature. Some seeds require cold stratification in order to germinate anyway. If they are outside they would get adequate moisture and light as if they were scattered on the ground, and would germinate at the same time that those in nature would. If your garage is the same temp as outside that’s ok, but the 55 degrees in the basement is too warm. That’s probably why the seeds have grown fuzzy mold in the containers which is what it looks like to me in the photo.

The concept of wintersowing does require a bit of faith that it will work, and the willpower to leave those babies outside in the cold all winter without doing anything for them.

Posted on 11 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

Most of them are small, like 20oz, there are a few 2 liters though. But we have had horrible horrible winds recently. It’s dying down right now but it’s at 21mph currently according to (with gusts up to 30 mph on wunderground). And there is a 75acre field next to my house for the wind to really pick up on. I don’t think even the 2 liters would stay put in what we have had. I think I might try again next year and do it in the raised beds that I am currently building. I know those won’t fly away. The garage is usually in the 40’s over by the door to the house. Still warmer then outside, but there is less wind there.

I know the basement is too warm, but if I can get things to get growing they hopefully won’t mold anymore.

I have faith in the plants, I don’t have faith that plastic won’t get blown away by the wind.

Posted on 12 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

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I hear ya! I have a somewhat protected area that I use, on the ground but next to a raised deck coming off the back of the house. There is a wire mesh fence around the area as I use under the deck as my garden workshop and storage area. The wind still blows through there, and I am constantly having to pick up and re-stack empty plastic pots, but I have never had my containers blow over. Maybe because they are all bunched together in a very big cluster and support each other.

Posted on 13 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

I don’t even think mine would blow over. I think if I ever saw them again it would be in the ditch next to the woods across the street :lol: My whole property is pretty open right now and the house is on top of a hill. I think I will build cold frame tops for my raised beds and direct-wintersow some next year. For this year I think I will just do everything in my basement. I changed the name of the ‘wintersowing garden’ to the seed starting garden.

Posted on 13 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

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