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Red Potato Update

03 Mar 2011
Sunny 23°C / 73°F

The garbage bag method seems to be working well. The plants are about 3’ tall now and look great even though I haven’t been doing anything special for them. Basically I planted them in about 8" of compost enriched old potting soil (about 4" deep), water them some every few days, unroll the bag by a few inches and then fill with seaweed, leaving a few inches of plant still sticking above the seaweed. Then every few days I water again, unroll again and fill with seaweed again.

No sign of pests or disease.

The bag and plants are almost three feet high now. definately higher than I was able to go with the Rubbermaid container and a lot easier than than in the wire fencing. Originally, I thought that the contractor bags would be ideal, because they were almost as tall as I am. I just forgot that when you fill them up, they spread out and won’t be as high as they were before.

The wire fencing was nice, because it was so high and would hold its shape. But, because it was so high and rigid, it made it hard to fill without covering the plants completely.

I really like that I can start with the bag rolled down and unroll it as I need to, to make it higher. The bid question is how many potatoes will I get from a bag? Stay tuned.




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