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01 Mar 2011
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Well, perhaps a little when it comes to seeds. I have just finished updating my Folia stash with the twenty packets I got from the RHS members seeds scheme. That gives me 60 different types of seeds to turn into plants (with examples of some already growing), not to mention the ten or so sets of seeds I have already used up. Even if I only get one of each plant, that is still probably too much for the space available!

I had the intention that this year would be when I would clear my backlog of old seeds but it looks like that will be next year or 2013, or perhaps 2014!

If you glance down the list and see anything you are interested in, let me know. Numbers of seeds are not always accurate (especially where it says I just have one) so there are probably some to spare.





Folia Helper

United Kingdom10a

It’s the same with me every year – too many seeds, too many seedlings and then too many plants :-\

Posted on 02 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5

I so understand.
I’m hoping to use my extras for a driveway plant sale this year.

Posted on 02 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

Me too – I can never restrict myself to the amount I know I have space ready for. I always think that I will have at least another bed ready by the time the plants are big enough for their home in the soil. With heavy clay it just isn’t possible to prepare a bed over a few days. It takes years of soil improvement to become easily workable, unless I were to import a load of (expensive) top soil. But its just so satisfying to see new green shoots appear isn’t it?

There’s a seed swap this Saturday in Oxford so maybe I will clear out some of my older packets but I’m just as likely to come home with more than I went with!

Posted on 02 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

I guess we’re all seed-aholics! For example, I have way too many seeds, but I’m going to look at Wulf’s stash anyway! :D

Posted on 02 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

Sounds familiar. I’m hoarding seeds like I hoard yarn – and that is not a good thing lol.

Posted on 03 Mar 11 (about 5 years ago)

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