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First Indoor Sowing

12 Feb 2011
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Our first indoors seeds are sown for the year. We’re starting our peppers earlier than we did last year so we’ll hopefully have better plants to set out and better harvest. We’re also trying some early broccoli to see if we can beat the cabbage worms. The past two years I’ve planted broccoli they’ve been completely stripped by these little green caterpillars. It’s the only insect that we really struggle with.

This planting also included some basil and a lettuce mix for some indoor containers.




wow! so great! i had to chuckle about the pic of the container with the soil…we bought the same seed starter this year and the container is similar to others i have (tho not for seed starting) is it target? pretty much unimportant details but found a chuckle anyway!

i couldn’t make out who you ordered from on the packages…since we are just entering the heirloom/seed arena i am currently on the lookout for more companies…have quite a few found in the northwest here but know there are more!!!

congrats on your seed starts!

Posted on 13 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

Thanks for the comment. That is funny we have the same seed starter bin. It is from Target. I used to have all these homemade trays rigged up but they always leaked and were a mess and I thought I’d splurge and spend $5 to get something a bit more organized.

We’ve ordered seeds this year and the past several years from Seed Savers in Iowa. They put out a beautiful catalog and it gets me trying new things every time.

Posted on 14 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

just got their catalog this week and it is sooo beautiful! thanks for the confirmation and sharing of info!

Posted on 21 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

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