Seed Swaps

Seed Tray layout, part deux

12 Feb 2011
6°C / 42°F

In which I commit to posterity another boring journal entry.

Seed tray 2:

A1 Vorlon
A2 Vorlon
A3 Zapotec
A4 Zapotec
A5 Black Pear
A6 Black Pear

B1 German Cascade
B2 German Cascade
B3 Stupice
B4 Stupice
B5 Black Plum
B6 Black Plum

C1 Primrose Gage
C2 Primrose Gage
C3 Huang Se Chieh
C4 Huang Se Chieh
C5 Orange King
C6 Orange King

D1 Pocomoke
D2 Pocomoke
D3 Early Kus Ali
D4 Early Kus Ali
D5 Red Cushion
D6 Red Cushion

E1 Perennial
E2 Perennial
E3 Tecumseh
E4 Tecumseh
E5 Kauai
E6 Kauai

F1 Allred
F2 Allred
F3 Creole
F4 Creole
F5 Baccis Luteis
F6 Baccis Luteis

G1 Tomate
G2 Tomate
G3 Wasatch Beauty
G4 Wasatch Beauty
G5 Long Portonian
G6 Long Portonian

H1 Blueberry
H2 Blueberry
H3 King George
H4 King George
H5 Kolea
H6 Kolea

I & J Lerchengunger

K & L Halbhoher Mosbacher



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