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08 Feb 2011
Windy -3°C / 27°F

Today became the day of motivation to start the few seeds I’m planning on this year. I hadn’t planned ahead enough to order seeds from any of the finer purveyors, so when I happened upon the Burpee seed stand at Lowe’s I picked up chives and three different varieties of basil. All will ultimately be planted out together in large hanging basket; each looks different, so it should be delicious and decorative!

So from left to right in the seed starter, row of ‘Summerlong’, ‘Siam’, ‘Red Rubin’, two of chives, and two cymbalaria muralis (as I’m afraid the birds have dug up the planted ones out by the maple).

Trying out some late planted bulbs of crocuses and irises. Planted into pots on set in the refrigerator for 14 weeks. Should be interesting to see what they do in May!

Also started off some convallaria I picked up on a whim (saved is more like!) from Home Depot, and planted with calla lily bulbs I’d neglected since November. The pots look pretty even if nothing comes of them.

While this seemed terribly productive, I think there was some procrastination behind my efforts. I still need to attack the plants in the library that have broken out a mass of mealybugs and whiteflies. However, I think everyone will keep until the weekend when I can give them all a good bath in the shower and a spray down with Neem oil.




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