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I blame Graibeard! :)

03 Feb 2011

Be careful if you’ve swapped seeds with Graibeard everyone, because i’m beginning to suspect he’s the guy that gave Jack his magic beans…and we all now what happened to his bean stalk!!

When i got my Queensland Blue pumpkin seeds from Graibeard, little did i know what weird and wonderful things were in stall! After the tricotyledon episode, and then the er, um, unusual…ah…sexual behaviour of the plants, they finally sorted themselves out and produced some nice pumpkins which i’ve now harvested. But there have been some other oddities along the way. There was the unusual double-headed flower seen in the main pic, and then some unusual affliction that seemed to affect only female flowers. Finally, after some warm and rainy weather a little while back, the powdery mildew really took over and i was ready to rip up the plants, but then one of the vines sprung back to life-i think one of the leaders that crawled over an old compost heap took root and is loving it. There are new shoots going everywhere, and having originally escaped the confines of the veggie patch, this particular vine has now circled round some pot plants, and is currently crawling over the marigolds to get back into the veggie patch. It’s even sent out quite a few flowers, and yesterday there was even a female flower ready for pollination with more on the way, so hopefully i’ll get even more pumpkins later this year! Who knows what other oddities they’ll throw up in the meantime?

Main Pic-the double headed flower
Minor Pic #1-Tricotyledon
Minor Pic #2-First pumpkin harvested
Minor Pic #3-The first pumpkin was small, and a high seed/flesh ratio, but still very tasty when we roasted it up.
Minor Pic #4-The other three pumpkins harvested so far…much bigger than the first…the largest one maxed out the kitchen scales and we had to use the bathroom ones…6.6kg




Those are some seriously nice-looking pumpkins!

Posted on 05 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

Yes, we roasted the first one it it tasted great…we are currently having our 7th consecutive day of 35 degree plus temperatures so not really pumpkin soup or roast dinner weather, but the rest should keep pretty well.

Posted on 05 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)


Folia Helper


Damn, I gave you the good ones – I was meaning to keep those for myself! I’ll be more careful next time! :-)

Nice looking collection there too, and streets ahead of mine incidentally (proof again that you really got the good ones!) They are a nice tasting one as well and it appears you’ve had or soon will have one going ‘consumed’ judging by your photo.

p.s. don’t forget to link this to your planting.

Posted on 05 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

Yes…good point graibeard…forgot the milestones bit! I’ve added info about the pics, and yes, one has now been "Consumed’!

Posted on 05 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

OMG that sounds nearly as adventurous as those beans I got from graibeard. Just that you got the happy end.

However I won’t complain either. I got some of graibeard’s Queensland Blues too and they’re doing great even through the heat and the fact that I started them so late. They’re absolutely gorgeous plants. So if they would finally decide to send up some female flowers I’d be all happy :-)

Posted on 05 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

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