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04 Feb 2011
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The good news is that I finally got some seeds started in one of the aerogardens, the bad news is that my planting diagram seems to be lost. I have a vague memory of grabbing a ‘scrap’ of paper and scribbling a quick drawing of the earth’s rotation around the sun as an explanation of the changing seasons for Tea, who is adamant that Wiarton Willie said it’s going to be SUMMER very soon … “no-no”, she says, “spring comes AFTER summer, momma!”

Anyway, the page is gone – perhaps tossed by my little one, as if to erase all proof and therefore all chance that summer’s swimming pool isn’t so close after all – so I suppose I will have to record the sprouting and such after-the-fact, once I can recognize the seedlings. But for now, I’ll at least note that we planted something, somewhere.

And naturally, I had more seeds than pods so I started a few different herbs in a small pot for the kitchen window ledge … not that there’s any room on the ledge, but we’ll worry about that once they’ve sprouted!

In fussing around with the kitchen window pots, I’ve just realized that I don’t seem to have plantings here on Folia for two of my favourite houseplants? How could that be?!? Rosemary & Bay, added as established.

Photos …
1) Rosemary Standard, which I grew out from a small cutting and clipped and trimmed into standard form.
2) Bay Laurel – looking a little sparse these days from all those wintery stews and broths, but it’s already budding out getting ready for warmer days.
3) Another shot of the tea plant … just because.
4) Areogarden #1 planted with herbs

Lemon Balm

Summer Savory




The rosemary standard is great! I tried to overwinter rosemary cuttings again this year but they died. They always die… I have a friend with a 2.5’ tall rosemary in her kitchen though, so I may try and get some cuttings from her in the coming weeks. How did you go about pruning to create the standard? Do you wait for a cutting to start getting bushy and then cut it back?

Posted on 04 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom10a

That’s an impressive rosemary standard! I’ve grown pelargonium and fuchsia standard but I’ve never tackled a rosemary … perhaps a new project for this summer?

Posted on 04 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)


Folia Helper


I started with a single stem, rooted it (which took forever) and trained it strait up a chop stick, tying it off every so often to keep it nice and straight. Once the stem gets to be the height you want, pinch out the growing tip. When you do this two shoots will start to grow. Let them grow two sets of leaves and pinch each of those out. Keep repeating this pinch-grow two sets of leaves process and before you know it you have a big round ball. Once it’s established you can just pinch out where you need to keep it’s shape. Easy-peasy.

Armorel … a fuchsia is next on my list! I tried once unsuccessfully, but want to try it again this year. I think you would find a rosemary easy if you’ve done the others :)

Posted on 08 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

I also admire your rosemary standard. Well done! :)

I relate to you on discovering I have plants which somehow had escaped from becoming listed as Folia plantings. That happens to me quite a bit. I still have a Hau hibiscus hedge, a Kukui nut tree, and various other things which I need to find the time to list on Folia as plantings. LOL

Posted on 27 Feb 11 (over 5 years ago)

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