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The Curse of Adam

04 Dec 2010

God wasn’t joking when he told Adam that the ground was cursed because of him. Just when things seemed to be going swimmingly in my own little Garden of Eden, in the last few weeks its started to look more like a plague infested Egypt!!!…just have to keep reminding myself how much i’m learning!!

After the tomatoes had taken off and set a whole lot of fruit, it now appears as though they have some sort of wilt (i’m pretty sure its fusarium) and it is a race against time to see how much of the fruit will ripen before the plants succumb. The tomatoes are also subject to a caterpiller infestation as i am finding more and more fruit with the tell tale holes in them. I try to get to them as early as possible to catch the caterpiller in the act and prevent it from reproducing but i’m not always successful so the problem seems to be getting worse.

Not sure if it’s related, but the basil i grew in the same pot as one of the tomato plants also seems to be struggling, but isn’t showing any obvious signs of fusarium (not even sure if it’s susecptible). It may be a combination of being shaded a bit too much by the tomato, but then, strangely enough, also struggling from water stress as i’m finding it hard to keep the water up to all my pot plants, so it probably goes longer than it should between drinks. The pots of herbs up the back are suffering a similar fate…irregular watering, in a very sunny part of the garden and in front of a colorbond garage which seems to warm up the area even more.

There is also something eating the last remaining capsicum plant, but i haven’t yet caught anyone in the act, so not sure if it is slugs again, or caterpillers.

I’ve also noticed the first signs of powdery mildew on the pumpkins, so it might be time to make up some milk spray again, and the other day i found what i’m pretty sure is a 28 spotted lady bug attacking one of the pumpkin leaves. Overall it’s still looking pretty healthy, but a couple of the fruit seem to have aborted and shrivelled up, even with hand pollination…not sure why exactly.

The next problem i found was some citrus leaf miner on the orange, but this one i did get to pretty early, and i don’t think any of the little guys escaped, and i also picked off all the affected leaves and sprayed all my citrus with some white oil.

Also, the bay cuttings that had been progressing well seem to be failing…not exactly sure why, given they seemed to start off so well, but it’s possible they could’ve got a bit hot where they were, and as i knew from the outset, they aren’t the easiest things to grow from cuttings so i may have been aiming a bit high. There was a fair bit of black stuff on their leaves so i’m assuming it was some kind of fungal disease.

The passionfruit has been doing well, but i did however notice it’s first ever fruit to fail after originally setting well…i’ve had plenty of flowers fail to set, but up until now, any that have set have gone on to completion…they seem to be a pretty tough fruit in general. Not sure what was the cause of it, and i guess losing one out of well over a hundred isn’t too bad!

To further add to my gardening frustrations, my lawnmower has also been playing up, but on the bright side i now know how to replace the blades and repair the end of the spark plug cable, even though it took me the best part of a day for each job! It is a mower i’d bought second hand, and it’s been doing pretty well, but i don’t think the blades had been changed for some time before i bought it as the nuts were stuck pretty fast, and for one of them there was no option but to drill it out!

So it’s been a frustrating few weeks, but, i have learnt quite a bit from it all, and in most things i always try and find a positive slant on things…in this case, the early end to some of my gardening projects will free up some time for studying for my final anaesthetic exams next year…i suspect i had been using gardening as a procrastination tool up until now, so i think it might be time to pull out the books and sit inside in the air-conditioning!!!






Folia Helper


Bay tree propagation does seem to be a fickle thing. I’ve tried growing them from rooted suckers and they even failed, however root pieces in the compost heap did nothing but sprout from 300mm down. Go figure!

Sorry to hear about your gardening woes, especially the tomatoes. The other plants at least stand a chance of recovering.

Posted on 10 Dec 10 (over 5 years ago)

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