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Harvest Nov 9th

09 Nov 2010
Overcast 16°C / 60°F

A cuke…a mater…and a dozen serrano chili peps.

Harvests are winding down a bit…but it amazes me that I am still harvesting things from my spring/summer veggie garden.

Those chili peppers are wicked man!!! We took some down to the family back in October and my brother just loved em. He is insane. He makes himself a sandwich with a few chips on the side and eats these chili’s WHOLE by nibbling on them with every bite of his sandwich. Crazy!

I was outside when he took his first nibble off the serrano and then i heard him say “oh yeah”.

Second nibble: “Oh YEAH

Third nibble: “OH YEAHWHEW! YEAH!”

heh heh….as he sat there finishing off his sandwich and chili in a sweat.

I can’t do that…I have to have my serrano peppers mixed into a salsa or something. Jalapeno maybe…but not serrano…no way jose.




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