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Fire storm getting nearer

02 Dec 2010
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The whole mountain (Carmel) is on fire for 2 days now. The fire is within 500 meteres from our house, and a change in wind direction means that I may have to plant the garden (actually – all of them…) from scratch :-(

The whole neighbourhood was evacuated last night, and I watered the garden heavily before leaving, but I doubt that would have done any good has the fire gotten closer. 10 years ago we had a much small fire, but the wind carried burning embers all over the neighbourhood, and spread the fire across streets and buildings. Had not yet happened so far.

Anyway – so far 20,000 dunams of forest burned down so far, 20,000 people were evacutaed from their homes.

This is an unmitigated disaster, exacerbated by the extreme dryness. We had practicallty no rain yet this year.





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It’s hit the news here in Oz. Obviously a bad situation, these fires take on a life of their own and when the conditions suit them they become terrifying.

Posted on 03 Dec 10 (over 5 years ago)


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United States4b

Hopefully the wind will not change and firefighters can get it under control. I read that some firefighting aircraft were sent to help out as well from a few European countries. I hope all turns our OK.

Posted on 03 Dec 10 (over 5 years ago)

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