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Tomato (Big Heirloom #1) Fruiting :o)

26 Sep 2010
18°C / 65°F

Tom from Tom #1 is in the back yard, growing like mad and on this day I photographed the fruits growing and maturing on the vine.

So exciting because my first two tomato plants that i “thought” were big heirloom slicers, wound up being two cherry tomato plants. No big deal cuz we love cherry tomatoes, however, I really wanted some BIG’NS and now they are growing!

Tom from Tom #2 does have flowers…but no fruit to be seen. He is a bit iffy right now. He doesn’t seem as healthy looking either as #1 and I am grateful we put Tom #2 in the front yard far away from #1 in case there is a disease situ goin on. I don’t really see an classic signs of “disease”, however, something is definitely up.

Anyhow…all photos are fruits growing on our big boy Tom from Tom #1 :o)




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