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Where have all the men gone!

10 Nov 2010
30°C / 86°F

Last year i seemed to have one problem after another with my zucchinis, and one of them (and indeed a problem that seems pretty common) was that i had hardly any female flowers. This year, i’m growing pumpkins (winter squash) and despite a minor hiccup or two, they have been going pretty well, but now i seem to have the opposite problem to last year…no male flowers! Yesterday morning there was a very pretty young lady hanging around for some noble gentleman to sweep her off her feet, but the only males to be had were some pre-pubescent boys loitering with no intent whatsoever. And again this morning, there were another 2 ladies all dressed up for the ball, but again, no Prince Charming, and it looks like there’ll be another spinster tomorrow! :(
The strange thing is that the male flowers that are there, actually appeared before the female ones, but just seem to be maturing at a much slower rate…is that normal? I’m wondering if it is because they are being shaded too much by the pumpkin itself and some other plants in the patch? They seem to be expending a lot of energy growing long stems to poke their heads above the leaves, rather than developing the flower itself.
Anyway, i guess i shouldn’t complain too much. At least there are plenty more flowers coming on, both male and female, i just need to be patient…and hope that when they do open on the same day, i’m around to, ah, um set them up on a hot date!?! It may have to be speed dating if there’s only one male and several females!




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