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Have drill, will make holes

07 Nov 2010

And even get stuff done in the process.

We’ve had one piece of lattice hanging about for a fortnight or so, that I kept meaning to put up next to the self-pollinating Kiwifruit. It kept occurring to me, though, that we really want a couple more pieces and to do it all at once because I hate fiddling about with those lattice pieces more than I have to, and it’s so quick to do them all at once. I really got into the groove up the back near the raised bed that I wanted to keep going!

Today we bought the other two. I really wanted them in the morning because I knew there was a chance of storms. It was so warm out there I just wanted to get at it, but TDN and the TT went out for a little trip to visit a friend of ours who isn’t very well. Then of course it was TT’s quiet time, so the lattice wasn’t in my hot little impatient slightly cranky hands until the clouds, they started a-rolling in.

The fence is on a slightly greater slope than I thought, but I knew how to attack thanks to having solved this problem for the ones up the back. This was much easier because I just had to remove a piece for the leg up the slope – I didn’t have to prop up the lower leg as well. Measure… spirit level… pencil… saw… measure again… draw positions for holes… drill holes… sink screws… and so it went.

Initially TDN came out to help but really, I enjoy doing this by myself – the Nanna is not so methodical as I. Also, TT doesn’t like the noise, won’t come out near it, and won’t be by himself while the noise is happening.

It was all done by the time the rumbles in the clouds actually meant what they were on about. It was only about 4:15 but getting so dark. I packed up the equipment and got back up the ladder to try and untangle the kiwi from the passionfruit, but my brain just wasn’t in it. I really need to clear some more pots away from that area so I can get to the passionfruit as well and do some seriously untangling. So I pulled as much kiwi back over from the neighbours side as I could, and got down. I’d leave them some but can you believe they let dozens of passionfruit go to waste over the summer?

Aside from now having a much better support for the kiwi, the neighbours are screened off a bit. They’re nice, but they don’t garden – in fact quite the opposite, the back yard is a bit of a disaster area, and they have a super-ugly shed right on the boundary in line of sight. Apart from being ugly, it’s also painted white, and the reflected glare (even off peeling grotty white) on a summer’s day makes my eyes water standing at my kitchen bench. Also, after 16 years of being able to look into their kitchen (and vice versa), it’s wonderful to just have a little bit of a break in the view. It’ll take a year or so for the kiwi to get that far down but how wonderful when it does.

BTW – bam! Talk about downpour! Thunder and lightening and wind, oh my. At least we didn’t score the hail. Fingers crossed we don’t tomorrow. It actually seems like we’re no longer in a hail belt. Fine by me. Touch wood.

PS – kiwi beginning to set fruit – SKWAWK! Let’s hope it stays on instead of falling off the way it did before.




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