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What a trooper

06 Nov 2010

Can’t for the life of me work out how I managed to twoink the lower back again on Thursday, but is done again. Who’da thunk thinning beetroot could be so hazardous ;-)

Anyways, TDN and the TT are coming down with some lurgy or other so we had to miss a birthday party today. The back wasn’t having a spasm like yesterday and the weather was so nice that I just had to do a little something… So around lunch time I sorted out a bunch of pots for TDN to revamp and take cuttings from. Some straggly geranium, ugly zygo and the pretty pink one too, a couple of wee orchids, a straggly old begonia… that sort of thing. Oh, some mystery iris and mystery tulip bulbs as well. I’m terrible at bulbs. No, really, I just can’t make myself care enough, even though I think they’re very pretty.

We found what we think might be a wee purple salvia seedling from the beautiful but desperately straggly one I have in a pot. It’s one of the short bushy annual type which keeps managing to survive, but it’s woody and looks terrible apart from the beautiful dusky, warm purple flowers. It’s almost the same as the tall perennial one I used to grow and still want to replace.

The pot stand was unearthed and needs a good clean. I need to get it away from the fence anyway because some time in the next couple of days I’m going to put some lattice up along this section of fence.

Once TDN had her hands full, I went up the back and thinned out the carrots and the red spring onions, or whatever they are – I get confused about onions and shallots and spring onions now. I think they’re meant to be red things that we used to call shallots and now call spring onions. I think.

Lorikeets footling away in the bottlebrush still. Happy little buggers.

The beans are starting to crop, only about 6 or so at the moment but I can’t wait for more. I gave TT the only snowpea straight off the vine and he was very happy to have a nibble. Nice.




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