Seed Swaps

It's a Bullet-Point kind of day

31 Oct 2010

Just because I don’t have a lot of time today, and I don’t want to forget… it’s a manky old day out there, so TDN and I did a bit of easy gardening while TT magicked the garden to make sure everything will grow. Lovely :-)

  • Hellebores are all in the garden now with the Mystery Hellebore. That makes me very happy. It looks a bit ordinary now but when they start multiplying it’ll be lovely.
  • Violets from Canberra under the mandarin
  • Two of the Russian tomatoes are near the mando as well. Two are in the raised bed. I don’t think I can split the planting into two in Folia.
  • Silverbeet transplanted from crate to near the mando
  • Leeks also transplanted – I plsnted out one of the younger ones but the roots aren’t established enough. Oops.
  • Beetroot thinned out. I think I got them young enough to transplant, let’s see what happens.
  • Some lettuce seedlings planted out into plastic pots
  • Grass runners from the left side that had been sneaking into the garden are now in the bare lawn area.




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