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TDN is a basketting fool

27 Oct 2010

Oh, look, I do like the hanging baskets really. I just don’t have much time for fussing over them… not quite my bag. The pots are more flexible – they’re bigger, they don’t dry out as quickly, that sort of stuff. But they do look lovely when Xmas comes and they’re blooming.

So I don’t object to TDN making a million baskets, as long as she looks after them. We don’t often see eye to eye with what goes in them, though. She’s on a Petunia bent this year – blech. At least there’s still some Lobelia lurking around from a few years ago. That’s my idea of pretty basket flowers.

Anyhoo, the last couple of days, I’ve been busy and TDN’s been remaking her baskets. She came home yesterday with a few more brackets. They’ve just been put up to exacting standards (mine) on the pergola, and look really nice. One of them in particular is placed nicely to fill a gap near the reused gate.

Aside from that, I staked back the indigo Salvia in front of the reused gate. I like it poking through, but it does get floppy. The bench is right in front of it, and I’m not worried about bees and being stung, but guests sometimes are, so tying the Salvia back a little makes sense.




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