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Getting edgier

19 Oct 2010

Today was good gardening day but the morning was whiled away with a friend and her little boy. He and TT were very good in keeping away from the construction site – it’s nice now the children are a bit older that they can usually remember to follow instructions ;-)

In the afternoon I didn’t get to go out until much later than I wanted. Now that Summer approaches, the sun swings in under the trees and gives full sun to the area I want to work in, and I didn’t feel like toiling in the heat. I’ve also twoinked my back a little due to the mattocking – I have to get down too low to swing into the hard clay and that’s no good for the lower back. So this arvo I mostly spent with my bum on a milk crate digging the clay with spades and pointy pickety things to try and get the trench nice and deep and level up the top end. It’s not time efficient, but I really don’t have the strength to get through that clay.

Then I laid a bit more of the edging. It’s looking very nice. I suspect I’m going to need a small load of soil to top this side of the lawn up, though. It’s compacted more than I thought.




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