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Backdated: Lattice along the side fence

26 Aug 2010
Partly Sunny

I’ve been wanting some lattice up the back for a while, for both us and the neighbours to have a bit more privacy.

Went to Bunnings Auburn (or was it Lidcombe, I get confused) and out of the 4 pieces, only 1 wasn’t broken. One was very obviously broken, but I paid for 3 and only discovered that 2 of them were damaged when the nice bloke (007 according to his fluoro jacket) was helping me get it all into the van. So back in with the 2 pieces and 20 minutes waiting for a refund.

I get a bit annoyed about Bunnings. They stock everything and don’t know anything about their stock. Their prices are great, but they come at a price. Oh, the irony. Also, if you can have 3/4 of your stock damaged and not even know about it… what does that say?

Anyway, got 1 piece home and rang around the other hardware stores in the area. Unfortunately Bunnings was the cheapest by a long shot, they had some more up at Ashfield. TDN went to get them while I tackled installing the first.

After I had worked out the best method I have to say they took no time at all and only needed one person. My main problem was the slope of the fence. The lattice ‘legs’ couldn’t wedge down onto the fence on the lower end – the slope of the fence is too steep. Once the legs at the top end were down as far as they could go – they hit the fence railing – the bottom end was sticking in the air if I wanted it to be horizontal (and I did).

Solution was to cut some length off the legs at the top end. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a long leg and a short leg which wedge over the fence, sort of like a big wooden peg. So I sawed off a piece of the leg which was stopping the lattice from wedging down further. This let the top end be positioned down lower, making the bottom end almost right – the long leg was down but the shorter leg was only down far enough to be drilled through onto the fence once. I then got the sawn-off piece and drilled it onto the back of the fence to support the shorter leg.

They look so nice. A shame they fade, I quite like the new wood look. But then I guess the faded colour blends into the foliage better.




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