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16 Oct 2010

I had some friends over for a spot of tea, and their children had a nice romp with the TT. So apart from sweeping the verandah and watering the seedlings, there wasn’t any gardening today. Oh yes there was – we put a few grass runners into that bare spot caused by the Freakybig Buddleia. I still walk into the yard and am shocked by how much bigger it looks now I’ve pruned that monster. Who’da thunk?

I really enjoy having a garden that children can play and chill out in. There’s enough grass to roll around in the sun and to lounge in the shade. There’s a path for bikes and when we’re not having a barbie, plenty of space for a turning circle. There’s little nooks where you can be out of sight but not lost. There’s usually some form of flower to pick, even when they’re not the ones you were told you can (this is only occasionally frustrating). Parents can see through the big sliding doors and keep an eye out but still enjoy a cuppa at the dining table. I think it ticks most of the boxes I set for myself in regards to children when I designed the garden, which is pleasing. It’s a balancing act. Being able to accommodate them within the plan is really satisfying.

I only have one climbing tree though, a shame but then that’s not really why I plant trees. And that one – the Mystery Maple – is destined for a tree house when there’s time for the fabulous friends to come over and have their arses whipped, I mean, lend a hand ;-)




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