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Let's hear it for annuals

14 May 2008
Sunny 22°C / 72°F

After working in a garden centre for six years, I’m not really used to spending full price for my bedding plants. Two and half trays, enough to fill a couple of small barrels, three hanging baskets, a toilet, and to scatter around the beds, cost me 85$!! I’m a little choked, but I’ll get over it. ‘Specially since I should be able to plant this weekend. My daughter’s pretty excited, too, since she gets to plant a bunch of stuff around the ornamental crab out back.

But this journal’s supposed to be about my frontyard, so I guess I’ll stay on task. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be selling this house this summer, so I won’t be doing much landscaping this year, just clean up and make pretty. My plan was to put in a fence all around the perimeter so that marauding children and dogs would stay off my tulips. For once, I’d like to see them bloom before they’re trampled.

I’m a little sad to see that the coreopsis didn’t make it. I know they can be short-lived, but I had high hopes. This is the only one, after years of bringing home sad sickies from the garden centre, that has ever overwintered for me. If we make back to Regina this year, I will officially swear of coreopsis unless we land in Crescents (my dream neighbourhood). The microclimates there are incredible. So many big beautiful mature elms hanging around.

Anyway, annuals. I don’t usually use annuals except in my baskets unless there’s a few extra and them I stick them in and around for a bit of dependable colour here and there. I’m a die-hard perennial fan, the closer to native and the more drought-hardy the better. Annuals have their place, don’t get me wrong. I love colour and there’s nothing like pelargonium for a splash of fun. I just prefer plants that feel like old friends, that I have a chance to really acquaint myself with. Annuals are like fair-weather friends. They show up for the party and take off as soon as the going gets tough.

I gotta go. Time to eat and get ready for work.



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