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Moved the Composter

29 Sep 2010
29°C / 84°F

After 2 years of filling it up, I decided to give this pile some rest. Moved the composter a meter and half to the side, and covered the pile with a tarp. Let’s see how that goes,

I was getting very little compost out of tons of material I was putting in. But the bulk was going somewhere, so I wonder what’s the deal?

The composter has a volume of one cubic meter. Big enough for all the food scraps of a household of 4 vegetarians that do nor rely on processed foods, plus some leaves. Definitely not for all the pruned branches and all the weeds I pull out.

But at least, with a composter, the wild boar are not tempted to come and feed off it.



Do you irrigate your compost pile? I have to, otherwise it doesn’t produce compost.

Posted on 30 Sep 10 (over 5 years ago)

I don’t have drip irrigation in there, but whenever I take the bin with food scraps over there, I top it with water, typically while doing the dishes (but without soap).

On top of the old pile, I cut a hole in the tarp and put a plant on top of it, with drip irrigation. I hope that plant (grape) is not adversely affected by the heat coming off the compost pile.

Posted on 01 Oct 10 (over 5 years ago)

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