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Pumpkin and Squash Harvest

20 Sep 2010
Cloudy 16°C / 61°F

Today I went next door to the veggie garden and picked the pumpkins. I also cut the corn stalks off at the ground and tied them together to make decorations for the front of the house. Something had eaten the remaining corn (deer perhaps?).

I also picked the small acorn squashes from my own garden. I’ll have to do another harvesting batch for the butternut squash and the pumpkins there too.

I washed and dried the squash and pumpkins and I’m going to leave them on top of the cupboard in the kitchen to cure.




Lovely pumpkins! :)

Posted on 21 Sep 10 (almost 9 years ago)

I’m curious: How much pumpkin did you harvest?
And have you come to taste it by now? How did you like your varieties?

Posted on 06 Oct 10 (almost 9 years ago)

@redloon thanks!
@namida There were 9 pumpkins from next door and 12 from my garden. They’re all ‘Small Sugar’. I have made soup and spaghetti sauce with them and though they look a bit more fibreous than I expected, they puree very nicely and have a mild taste. I have yet to make my pumpkin pies for the weekend (Thanksgiving) but I’m sure they will also work well in pie. I would grow them again.

Posted on 06 Oct 10 (almost 9 years ago)

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