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New Shrub Border, Discovery of Grapes (I think), and Fall Harvests

17 Sep 2010
Sunny 19°C / 66°F

Last week I purchased 6 shrubs for $26 on clearance. They have been patiently waiting all week and yesterday (backdated to today on folia) they made it into the ground. I mowed a strip of lawn at the front of the house and then tilled it in the hopes of making planting (and mowing) a lot easier. There were, of course, a number of large rocks to remove when digging the holes, so it was tiring work. It’s looking pretty good. I hope to transplant some lilac, elderberry, sumac, and cedar from other parts of the property to help fill it in.

One of the things I’m especially pleased at is that I now have somewhere to pop in perennials from friends: my year of refusing plants is over!

The leaves are starting to fall, and as I was walking behind the pond, I noticed some grapes in the sumacs, I’m going to investigate and see if they are V. labrusca. Hopefully I can make some grape jelly. (Photo 1)

There was also a very light frost overnight. Everything except the tomatoes seems pretty happy. I picked as many ripe tomatoes as I could (the mosquitos were getting really bad) and I pulled out one of the plants which was pretty much dead.




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