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Preserving the Harvest

13 Sep 2010
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This week I have been working on putting some of the harvest away for winter.

On Friday, I turned the ‘Giant Belgian’ tomatoes into a fresh vegetable salsa. Before I blanched them I saved all the seeds. I followed “A Beginner’s Guide To Saving Tomato Seeds Using Fermentation” and I think it may have worked this time. In the past, I’ve had the seeds sprout before I managed to get them dry, but this time they look pretty good. Some of them have little whiter bits, but I’m hoping that they haven’t sprouted. It’s less than three days since the process started and last night they still had the gel coats on them.

Today I made tomato sauce. I adapted the method from Grow Great Grub and roasted the tomatoes in the oven and then put them through a strainer. Next year I’d like a food mill. I think it would make my applesauce and my tomato sauce prep much easier. There is probably about 3L of sauce, so that should keep me going for a while.

Yesterday I roasted the pumpkin and some garlic and made a pumpkin pasta sauce. There is enough to freeze some for later too. The ‘Small Sugar’ pumpkin is quite mild, and more fibrous than I expected – almost like a spaghetti squash. It pureed very nicely though.

1. The finished salsa. (I think I’m up to 72 jars of canned goods this season.)
2. Plate of ‘Giant Belgian’ tomato seeds
3. Close up of ‘Giant Belgian’ seeds. I hope I got these before they sprouted. I’ll test germination in a few days and assuming they’re good, I’ll have lots to swap with Canadian gardeners.
4. & 5. ‘Giant Belgian’ tomatoes.. unfortunately I forgot to photograph until after I cut them in half.




Beautiful looking tomatoes! This year was a difficult year for tomatoes here. I managed to harvest a small crop, but I had dreams of doing what you have done. I even when out and bought a bunch of Mason jars in the hopes of making lots of salsa and tomato sauce. But alas, it was not meant to be for me this year.

Posted on 14 Sep 10 (almost 9 years ago)


Folia Helper


Hah, I dream of summer harvests! Thanks for the reminder of what can be, now to make it happen.
Pumpkin pasta sauce? I shall go a looking, it sounds … tasty!

Posted on 15 Sep 10 (almost 9 years ago)

@Deanna I find some years better than others. It’s been a while since I did any major preserving, but I find if I can get a good year every couple years then it’s very satisfying. At least the mason jars will keep. If the ‘Giant Belgian’ germinate properly then I can certainly share some with you. They didn’t get into the ground until June 5th and they were the first to ripen so they might do well in Winnipeg. (Though we did have a really hot summer…)

@graibeard Our season is nearing the end but I hope to get some more veggies out of it still; I thought I saw frost at the bottom of the hill this morning. I usually make the sauce with butternut squash and it’s based on an Everyday Food Butternut-Squash Pasta Sauce recipe. I don’t often put the sage in, but then I hadn’t looked at the recipe in a while so I may add it again.

Posted on 16 Sep 10 (almost 9 years ago)

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