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06 Aug 2010
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Since I’m running short on time these days, I keep putting off a garden update because I can’t do it ALL at once, and therefor it never gets done. I’ve decide to try to break it down into sections and see if I can get it done that way.

These are the seven plants in ground in the flower garden where the dahlias used to be, These don’t get as much sun as the probably should because they are shaded by the house in the morning, but seem to be growing well enough. These were the feeblest of the seedlings to being with, yet they seem to be catching up to the other plants quickly.

Harbinger – An old English variety ~1910. This seems to be living up to it’s reputation of and extremely productive plant. Mine is currently loaded with flowers as well as a few fruit. These are supposed to tolerate cool weather well, but also apparently doesn’t mind hot humid temperatures either. So far it is a reasonable size and may be suitable for growing indoors?

Ferris Wheel – Wisconsin 1898. Very rare! No luck with this one last year (community garden – bah!) Supposedly produces large flattened pink beefsteak type fruit and amazing production and taste so large that one slice will cover a piece of bread.
Just budding now; really hoping to get a least one tomato for a taste.

Black Seaman – A Russian heirloom with mahogany brown colored fruit and olive green shoulders. The fruit average 8-10 oz and have a nice rich flavor.
Currently loaded with flowers, & isolated.

Druzba – An old Bulgarian heirloom that is reported to be both on of the most delicious and problem free tomatoes. The deep red globes are 8-12 ounces and produced in clusters of three or four. The yields are very high and the foliage disease free. Lots of leaves, just starting to bud

Ludmilla – Originally from Kazakhstan, this wonderful heirloom was grown by a lady named Ludmilla for over 50 years. She later moved to Germany and shared seeds with Reinhard Kraft of Germany. The 6-10 oz fruit are red and very tasty. These are great for slicing or canning. Big healthy plant, forming buds

The last two plants, are unlabeled so I’ve no idea what they are … will have to consult planting plan and update later.


Also, near this area are two potted plants …
Tiny Tim, is doing great – positively loaded with fruits and flowers. This is definitely a great candidate for the Aero.

And …. have to check and update that too New Big Dwarf? Ah, ’tis not easy!




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