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Robber Flies Have Arrived!

01 Aug 2010
Sunny 35°C / 95°F

I was so excited today when I saw the first Robber Fly in my garden this year! And he had his catch, a Japanese Beetle, take as many as you want. I am always happy to share my garden with any and all beneficial insects! The more the merrier!
I also have a many resident spiders although I must admit it took a while for me to get used to these guys! They have always freaked me out but I have decided to make a truce to benefit the garden. I have recently noticed a few Wolf Spider which scurry out from under my plants as I water them.
I’m still on the lookout for parasitic wasps & Tachnid Flies. I have been trying to plant flowers that help attract beneficials, Zinnia, Yarrow, Marigolds, Coneflowers, and Cosmo’s. I also added a shallow water bowl. So far it seems to be helping. I definately have more pollinators now and tons of dragonflies. I have seen a few butterflies but not as many as I’d like of course. I think I’ll try putting a little sugar water out.
I like to sit and watch the insects in my garden come and go. I find it very soothing, especially when they are good bugs.




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