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28 Jul 2010
13°C / 55°F

took a little break from writing journals but there has been so much to do in the garden, i just haven’t had the time! yeah right, all i have is time this summer! who am i kidding, i’ve just been lazy. i blame the sun.

so a lot has happened since my last post: the corn came and went (5 pathetic little ears, but they were tasty!), i’ve got gobs of green tomatoes, the squash are approaching ten now, both plantings of beans have been plentiful, the basil is all over the place, sunflowers are getting taller and a few have buds approaching opening, the cucumbers in the eastern planter are a touch OOC although i’ve mostly trained them up the sunflowers and some makeshift trellises, new compost is underway and the sugar snap peas are reaching up to grab onto the beams i gave them. then there’s the marjoram and oregano which are chugging right along, one random red leaf lettuce that i didn’t plant that i’ve let get huge and is now starting to send up its seed stalk, the parsley and clary sage which are dwarfing the pathetic little okra plant whose container they were plopped into, and several splashes of nasturtiums here, there, and everywhere.

the flashback calendula is blooming like crazy. i’ve started saving seeds from them and there are soooooooooooo many more! this plant had a nice orange colored-flower with barely noticeable splashes of purple on the backs of the flowers (i forget what the green part that the bud turns into is called… calyx?). but the second flashback calendula is now starting to blossom and its fire-colored flowers are way more impressive. deep reddish-orange, pale orange, and yellow (yes, all in one flower) with a more dramatic purple splash on the backs! i can’t wait to get the seeds from it… soooooooooooooo pretty!

the nasturtiums in the front yard seem to be doing fairly well (several of the vanilla berry variety are blossoming) while the pacific beauty calendula (of which one plant has had a flower so far, the stem of which was promptly snapped, undoubtedly by some drunken college kid) is struggling with some powdery mildew and compacted soil.

i think that’s a pretty good overview, now to add all those fun little pictures and whatnot!




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