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18 Jul 2010
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Peppers are growing very well this year. Did a quick (approximate) count of fruit and flowers on each plant for comparison.

African Devil – Medium-large plant, 10 buds, 5 tiny fruit.

Ancho – Very large plants, well over 30 buds, flowers and tiny fruit.

Jalapeno – smallish plants, 2 large fruit, 3 flowers.

Italian Sweet – medium plants, 1 fruit, 3 flowers.

Pepperoncini – large plant, 12 large/med fruit, 10 flowers

Chervena – large plant, 5 medium fruit, 10 flowers.

Red & Yellow Mini – small plants, no fruit, about 10 buds/flowers.

Marbles – very small 6" plants loaded with fruit and flowers – about 20 fruit and 10 flowers on average.

Chinese Five Colour – medium plant, 3 flowers/bud.

Georgescu Chocolate – feeble but tall plants, not flowers/buds at all.

1: The whole pepper patch.
2-4: Different marble pepper plants … I love these peppers! Hot bite-sized peppers.




girl oh my gosh…you have some PEPPERS there! what do you DO with all those hotties??? I love chili peppers and all things spicy. my jalapenos sprouted then promptly croaked but my serrano peppers seem to be doing ok, if not a little small for the timeline (i have a hard time with the folia timeline bar but i am learning). i am going to try many more peppers in the future…man your garden looks wonderful.

Posted on 29 Jul 10 (almost 8 years ago)

Your garden looks really pretty!

Posted on 01 Aug 10 (almost 8 years ago)

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