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15 Jul 2010
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I subscribe to ABC Gardening Australia magazine. I find it quite interesting & a good companion to the tv show.

In this issue (well…the August issue – subscribers get it a bit earlier than when it appears in the shops), there’s a good wee article on crop rotation. Inspired by this & spurred on to be more productive in the garden, I’ve decided to plan out the this year’s crops (& beyond).

The general plan for crop rotation (based on a 4-bed rotation system) goes in this order:
root crops & alliums
curcubits & corn
solanaceae & annual herbs
legumes & brassicas

So with this in mind, my plan would be as follows…

Location of Beds:
Bed 1:
LHS garden

Bed 2:
Back garden

Bed 3:
Patio garden

Bed 4:
Kitchen garden
Plus one more bed? Maybe RHS bed once drainage improved or arbor bed for now?

Spring ’10-Winter ’11 (this year…Year 1):
Bed 1: Solanaceae & annual herbsherbs, eggplant, tomato, capsicum…By end of 3 years (as part of whole rotation process), bed has not been limed, so slightly acidic soil good for solanaceae plants. Cover soil between rows with lime (in prep for next rotation of legumes & brassicas).

Bed 2: Root crops & alliumsgarlic & shallot, carrot, potato, radish, parsnip, beetroot, celeriac, swede, spinach, onion, spring onion, leek…as winter & spring brassicas are harvested, plant root crops. Most root crops can be left in till next winter, lift spinach & alliums by late spring & apply manure & leave to weather in.

Bed 3: Legumes & brassicasbeans & peas, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, strawberry…(soil has already been prepared with lime during autumn as part of solanaceae crop), sow broad beans in autumn &later other legumes (peas, beans, etc). After harvested, cut plants off at ground level & leave roots to rot. Put leafy winter & spring-flowering brassica crops (eg broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage & sprouts) in as beans finish.

Bed 4: Cucurbits & cornpumpkin, corn, squash, cucumber, watermelon, zucchini, lettuce…After well-rotted manure has been worked into soil (as part of root crop & allium planting), plant sweetcorn & cucurbits. In summer, plant late crop of cucumber & zucchini to ensure continual supply through year. After harvesting, sow a green manure crop, such as lupins or rye, & dig in at end of winter.

Spring ’11-Winter ’12 (Year 2)
Bed 1: legumes & brassicas
Bed 2: cucurbits & corn
Bed 3: root crops & alliums
Bed 4: solanaceae

Spring ’12-Winter ’13 (Year 3)
Bed 1: root crops & alliums
Bed 2: solanaceae
Bed 3: cucurbits & corn
Bed 4: legumes & brassicas

Spring ’13-Winter ’14 (Year 4)
Bed 1: curcubits & corn
Bed 2: legumes & brassicas
Bed 3: solanaceae
Bed 4: root crops & alliums

Note: strawberries currently in own bed. Lettuce, potatoes planted in pots. Many herbs planted around entire garden (as are edible flowers). Also note companion planting for some veggies/flowers/herbs/fruit trees.





Folia Helper


Ah, I believe I recognize the symptoms of, possibly because I’m suffering the same and see it everywhere I look. :) Admittedly I have a slight case of panic.cause.I’m.nowhere.near.ready but I’m hoping that’s just the pre-event nerves firing!

A good plan and it appears you’ve thought it through – nice one. Here’s to spring’s approach – clink .o0O

Posted on 17 Jul 10 (almost 9 years ago)


Folia Helper


I know! Spring is almost here (well…in a “winter is half over” kind of way). I’m also suffering guilt.because.I.didn’t.plant.enough.over.autumn-winter & am trying to make up for it for Spring.

As for being busy planning…I just copied most of it out from the mag (so you don’t need to buy it now…lol) & applied as required to each garden bed. It works. And I’ve now organised my rather hodge-podge thoughts into one proper system & don’t need to go hunting for the magazine later on.

I’ll drink to Spring’s arrival! chink

Posted on 17 Jul 10 (almost 9 years ago)

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