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Almost in a pickle here.

14 Jul 2010
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I harvested 30 pickling cucumbers, about 20 peppers, and two dozen onions this morning. Getting ready to can my sweet pickles. I’ll pick a couple more cukes in the morning, and I should be good for about 2 batches (16 pints). I’m down to one jar of pickles left out of the 90 pints I canned last year. My friends have been dropping off cases of canning jars, bags of sugar and gallons of vinegar. So far I’m going to have to can about 48 pints for friends, and hopefully another 150 for me and family members. That’s going to take 200 cukes, 200 peppers, and 200 onions.
Everyone was commenting on why so many peppers (105 plants) and cucumbers ( 250 pickling cucumber plants). Probably because I have too many friends and family that likes sweet pickles. The real trick is to time it so that they’re ready at the same time. I also intend to vacuum seal and freeze about 50+ gallon bags of peppers for the winter. I froze 40 gallons last year and have 3 gallon bags left. I go through at least a gallon per week. Probably more now that my daughter’s boyfriend moved in for the summer. ( My daughter is living and teaching pre-school in Utica this summer – 130 miles away ). I called in some favors to get him an apprenticeship in the Mason’s union. He’s working for my mason friend until he leaves for Masonry school in Maryland the week before my daughter moves here, but that’s a whole other story – Ahhh.
I published my sweet pickle recipe this Spring, and just for kicks I’ll photo-document the steps. It is by far my favorite recipe, and the very best on hamburgers, hot dogs, and cold cut sandwiches.




i am so impressed i can’t stand it! wow! those peppers are beautiful. nice onions and cukes too. dang you are such a veggie growing dynamo!!! just wonderful. i always look forward to your journals and photos :o)

Posted on 16 Jul 10 (about 9 years ago)

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