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The pumpkins are taking over the whole garden.

13 Jul 2010
31°C / 88°F

I put the sugar pumpkin seeds in one of the beds, and transplanted a bunch when I was thinning them out way back when. (I’m smiling ruefully as I write this, because I can see how this all got out of control.)

Fast forward 6 weeks. The innocent little seedlings are now monster plants, bristling with flowers and small pumpkin-ettes, surging into surrounding beds, and grabbing onto everything around them. The majority are in the pumpkin bed (go figure), which they are sharing with the amaranth and the achocha. The achocha seems overwhelmed & I’m not sure if it’ll bear fruit. The amaranth has pushed its magenta seedheads up past the sea of pumpkin leaves, but its stalks are twined in pumpkin tendrils, and I routinely need to unsnare it.

I’m hoping that all of this pays off: the pumpkins are meant for the chickens, mostly, and some are for us, for soup or stew. By the time they’re ripe, the chickens will be off their starter feed and onto laying feed, and I’m sure that the extra vegetables will make them happy.






Folia Helper

United States7

I think it’s funny when my squashes try to climb weaker plants — what are they thinking trying to climb my lettuce or my onions? Or worse, my chives?! Silly squash.

Posted on 13 Jul 10 (almost 6 years ago)

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too!…they flopped over into the herb bed & have little tendrils wrapped around the dill, which is ridiculous. :-)

Posted on 13 Jul 10 (almost 6 years ago)

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