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more harvesting!

05 Jul 2010
17°C / 63°F

over the weekend i got another, bigger squash, as well as a decent amount of burgundy beans! sauteed the squash with garlic and some of the various types of basil i’m growing. steamed the beans and they didn’t even need salt or pepper. delicious! today i harvested the first cucumber! the skin is super bitter, but the inside is pretty tasty. sliced it up with a roma tomato (not from the roof) and balsamic-dijon mustard-olive oil dressing and cream cheese on an everything bagel and it was super tasty!

there are also TONS of flowers opening up on the second round of cucumbers. the vast majority of them are male, but there are a good number of females. i’ve stopped trying to hand pollinate every single female squash and cucumber flower i see, but if i catch one open in the mornings and there’s a male available i still do. there are just so many i couldn’t keep up! i see a few baby cucumbers shriveling up and dying, but i’m really not terribly concerned as its still early in the season and there seem to be plenty more right behind those that are not setting fruit,

i also have noticed more and more bees and other potential pollinators. i still like the surety of mind of pollinating them myself but on the older two cuke plants, some of those that i’ve pollinated aren’t ripening either so who knows. maybe if everybody puts in a little effort, together we can make it work! after all, isn’t that what co-ops are all about?

in other news,


i wanna eat you! get big faster! get red NOW!

hmmm… don’t think that’s gonna work. guess i’ll have to be patient, but its looking like the patience will REALLY pay off as there are little grape to golf-ball sized green tomatoes all over the place and still more and more new blossoms opening up every day!




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